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  • Roleplay Nations is a nation roleplay bot where you run your own nation. Using /start you can unlock all the features of the bot. By using this command you agree to adhere to the Roleplay Nations Terms of Service, which you can read by clicking here.

  • Make sure to run the /start command before trying to use any other commands.
  • Check the bot has the sufficient 'Use Slash Commands' permissions in the channel you are trying to use it.
  • Make sure to check channel permissions, and any other roles the bot has.
  • Check the command or module isn't disabled by asking staff in our support server.
  • Check if the bot is online and not having any issues. You can check by going to our support server.

  • Recently we've made the change to Slash commands, which means you no longer have the ability to change server-wide prefixes for Roleplay Nations. / is now the global prefix.

  • ⭐, 🌟, 🌠 means that the person has donated to Roleplay Nations.
  • 🔍 means that the person is good at finding bugs/errors within the bot.
  • 🛠️ means that the person is a bot moderator or administrator.

  • To request an appeal of a ban, contact one of the Moderators in the Support server (users who attained the 'Moderator' role)

  • Scroll down to the Report section of this page. By using the Report feature you agree to provide only factual and true information. (Article VI: Exploitation and Bug Reporting of the RN Game Rules)

  • To submit a Transfer request, head down to the end of this page. All requests are usually responded to in 7-14 days.

Roleplay Nations Constitution & Game Rules

Article I: General Principles

Fair Play and Sportsmanship - All players are expected to uphold the principles of fair play, sportsmanship, and ethical conduct. Exploit abuse, cheating, and any form of unfair advantage-seeking are strictly prohibited.
Multiple Accounts (Alting) - The use of multiple accounts to gain advantages, especially through exploit abuse, is strictly forbidden. Any player found in violation of this rule will face penalties, including potential account suspension or expulsion.
Communication Standards - Players must communicate respectfully and adhere to a standard of decency. The use of vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive content through in-game communications, including Telegram commands, is not permitted.

Engaging with Banned Users - Players are explicitly prohibited from engaging in any form of interaction, including diplomatic relations, trade, or military actions, with users who have been banned from the game. This includes situations where the nation controlled by the banned user remains active for any reason. Violations of this rule will result in appropriate disciplinary actions which will be concluded by the RN administration, depending on severity and frequency of the violation.

Article II: Discord Guidelines

Discord Etiquette - Players are expected to maintain a positive and respectful environment within the Discord server. Harassment, hate speech, and any form of disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
Channel-Specific Rules - Participants must adhere to rules specific to each channel within the Discord server. Failure to do so may result in appropriate disciplinary actions.

Article III: Newcomer Watch

Alt Account Monitoring - A system is in place to observe and analyze patterns in new player behavior to identify potential alt accounts. Any suspicious activity will be thoroughly investigated. Things like alliance transactions, nation transactions, are monitored and logged for everyone playing Roleplay Nations.
Newcomer Protection - New players are encouraged to explore and understand the game before engaging in intense interactions. Established players are expected to welcome and assist newcomers, refraining from unnecessary aggression. This subsection is not being enforced.

Article IV: Nation and Alliance Naming Guidelines

Appropriate Names - Players must choose names for their nations, leaders, alliances, and capital cities that are free of inappropriate, offensive, or controversial content. Violating this rule may result in a forced name change or in other appropriate disciplinary actions.

Article V: War and Conflict Resolution

War Rules - Wars between nations are permitted, but players are required to adhere to ethical standards. Players are strictly prohibited from initiating wars with nations that have a real-world history of genocide or crimes against humanity.
Conflict Resolution - In cases where disputes arise, players are encouraged to seek mediation and resolution through diplomatic means. Administrators may intervene in extreme cases to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.

Engagement with Inactive Nations - Players are expected to engage in meaningful interactions within the game, including warfare, with active nations. Going to war with inactive nations solely to evade real war threats or to exploit game mechanics is strictly prohibited. A war may be considered inactive right after decleration, or in other instances after 5 turns have passed.

Article VI: Exploitation and Bug Reporting

Exploit Reporting - Players are obligated to promptly report any discovered exploits or bugs to the designated reporting channels. Deliberate exploitation of vulnerabilities for personal gain, or to disrupt the balance of the game, will be met with severe consequences. Reporting an exploit in good faith, on the other hand, is not only encouraged but appreciated as it contributes to the ongoing improvement of the gaming experience.
Prompt Investigation - The RN administration will conduct thorough and prompt investigations into reported exploits and bugs. Players are expected to cooperate fully during these investigations. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions.
Anonymous Reporting - Players have the option to submit exploit reports anonymously to protect their identity. However, false reports with malicious intent will be treated as a violation of the rules and will be subject to appropriate consequences.
Appeals Process - In the event of a dispute or disagreement regarding the findings of an exploit investigation, players will have the opportunity to appeal. The appeals process will be fair, impartial, and conducted by the RN administration.

Engaging with Banned Users - Players are explicitly prohibited from engaging in any form of interaction, including diplomatic relations, trade, or military actions, with users who have been banned from the game. This includes situations where the nation controlled by the banned user remains active for any reason. Violations of this rule will result in appropriate disciplinary actions which will be concluded by the RN administration, depending on severity and frequency of the violation.

Article VII: Amendments and Revisions

Adaptability - The dynamics of the gaming environment may evolve over time, necessitating adjustments to the rules and regulations. To ensure the continued relevance and effectiveness of this constitution, a structured process for amendments and revisions will be implemented.
Emergency Amendments - In cases where immediate action is required to address critical issues, emergency amendments may be implemented. However, such amendments will be temporary and subject to thorough review and player discussion for long-term acceptance.
Documentation and Archives - A comprehensive record of all amendments, revisions, and the reasoning behind each change will be maintained. This documentation will be accessible to the player community, promoting transparency and accountability in the governance of Roleplay Nations.

Article VIII: In-Game Transactions

Prohibition of Real-Life Currency Transactions - Players are strictly prohibited from engaging in the exchange of in-game items, resources, or benefits for real-life currencies or any form of tangible value outside the game environment. This includes, but is not limited to, buying, selling, or trading in-game assets for money, cryptocurrencies, goods, or services. Players are encouraged to report any instances of real-life currency transactions promptly. The RN administration will conduct thorough investigations into reported cases, and violators will face disciplinary actions in accordance with the severity of the offense.

Trade Deals and Aid Caps - Players are strictly prohibited from using trade deals as an alternative to aiding when they have exceeded the aid cap. Attempting to circumvent aid limitations through trade deals undermines the intended balance within the game economy and is considered a violation of the rules.

Article IX: Player and Staff Responsibilities

Player Limitations - Regular players within Roleplay Nations are kindly reminded that they should refrain from engaging in activities that are designated for the administrative and moderation staff. In extreme cases, regular player actions not in accordance with this Article may be treated as a violation of the rules and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions.

Staff Responsibilities - Administrative and moderation duties, including but not limited to rule enforcement, dispute resolution, and decision-making, are solely within the purview of the designated staff members. Regular players are not authorized to assume or execute these responsibilities.

Respect for Staff Authority - It is essential for players to respect the authority and decisions made by the staff. Disagreements or concerns should be expressed through proper channels, such as appeals or discussions with the moderation team, rather than attempting to handle staff-related matters independently.

Non-Interference in Investigations - Players should not interfere with ongoing investigations conducted by the staff. This includes refraining from attempting to mediate or influence the outcomes of disputes between other players.

Protection of Confidential Information - Players are prohibited from attempting to access, share, or disseminate confidential information related to staff discussions, decisions, or internal processes. Such actions may result in severe consequences. More information regarding this subsection can be found in Article X.

Article X: Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure of Explicitly Shared Information

Staff Communication Sensitivity - In certain situations where noted, staff members may communicate specific information to individual players privately or in a restricted manner to address game-related matters. This information is intended to resolve issues or disputes and may include details not meant for public disclosure.

Obligation of Non-Disclosure - Where noted, players are expressly prohibited from sharing information that has been explicitly communicated to them by staff members for the purpose of resolving in-game matters. This includes, but is not limited to, private messages, discussions, or decisions provided by the staff.

Maintaining Confidentiality - Players should recognize the sensitive nature of certain communications and exercise discretion. Disclosing information meant to be kept confidential undermines the effectiveness of staff interventions and may compromise the integrity of dispute resolution processes, resulting in appropriate disciplinary actions.

Article XI: Nation Spotlight (NOTM Competition)

Nomination Process - The "Nation Spotlight" is a monthly recognition awarded to outstanding nations within the Roleplay Nations community. Players are encouraged to participate in the nomination process by putting forward nations they believe have excelled in roleplay, community engagement, and overall awesomeness.

Nominating Your Nation or Others - Players are permitted to nominate their own nations or other nations they believe are deserving of the "Nation Spotlight." Self-nominations are not discouraged, as the goal is to highlight excellence within the community. Only one vote per player is allowed.

Ineligibility of Administrators - Users that are registered Administrators (attained the ADMIN role in the Support server), are not eligible for nomination to maintain a focus on recognizing the efforts of the player community.

Fair Play in Nominations - Players are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of manipulation, including "buying out" votes, using alternative accounts (alts) for nominations, or coercing others to nominate or vote for a particular nation. Such actions undermine the integrity of the "Nation Spotlight" and will result in disqualification and other appropriate disciplinary actions.

Warfare and Voting - Waging war solely for the purpose of garnering votes for the "Nation Spotlight" is not permitted. Military actions within the game should be driven by roleplay narratives and strategic considerations rather than the pursuit of nominations.

Article XII: Enforcement

Disciplinary Actions - Violation of any rules outlined in this constitution may result in disciplinary actions, including warnings, suspensions, or permanent expulsion from the game. The severity of the punishment will be determined by the RN administration based on the nature and frequency of the offense.

Article XIII: Symbol and Name Usage Guidelines

Symbol and Name Usage - Players may incorporate various symbols and names within the game, provided they avoid depictions associated with hate speech, discriminatory ideologies, or historical atrocities, crimes against humanity. Educational purposes require clear context and condemnation.

Special cases - Swastika Usage: The use of the swastika is permitted within the game as long as it does not depict Nazi ideology, such as the Hindu Swastika. Players are urged to exercise sensitivity and adhere to the following guidelines to ensure a respectful and inclusive environment.

Article XIV: Conclusion

Commitment to Enjoyable Gameplay - This constitution is designed to ensure a fair, enjoyable, and immersive gaming experience for all participants. Players are expected to abide by these rules to foster a positive and welcoming community within Roleplay Nations.

The Game Rules have been updated on 2024-04-18. (YYYY-MM-DD)

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